Founders Lance Atkins and Chris Pierson

Lance Atkins has been involved with track and field since his participation in the sport beginning in 1970, when he had aspirations of playing baseball. However, he went to see his gymnastics partner do the pole vault in a high school track meet.  From that point, Lance was hooked and desired to participate in the pole vault.


Since that time, Lance has gone on to compete in the pole vault and the decathlon. His training took him to California where he trained with Olympic medalists, world record holders, national and world champions.  Although, Lance never rose to that level of achievement, he did recognize that he could see, analyze, and convey biomechanical information to the athletes that he trained with.  When Lance returned from California, his former high school coach asked him to be an assistant.  That was the beginning of three decades plus of coaching.   Lance has worked with several dozens of  National Champions, runner-ups and medalists…. well  over 200 state champions and several hundreds of state medalists, and thousands of track & field athletes in the pole vault, throws, jumps, hurdles and sprints.

Since 1985… Lance has conducted pole vaulting and specialty track and field camps where thousands of athletes have participated.   He pioneered the specialty track camp business and helped to pioneer womens’ pole vaulting with business partner and 1972 Olympic Bronze Medalist, Jan Johnson.  Through their camp and clinic efforts, they have elevated the level of competitiveness for East Coast pole vaulting to compete with the rest of the country.


Previously. Lance has operated two sports-related businesses.  One of the businesses (The Track Connection) involved selling track & field equipment and apparel to schools across the country, while the other (Race Pace Sports) was the manufacturing and sales of running apparel at major running events throughout the country.  After eighteen years 1987 to 2005) Lance chose to close both businesses to pursue other avenues and attend to family matters.  He still continued to coach the pole vault and ran his Fiberbenders Pole Vault Camps and Clinics.


Quite possibly, Lance’s biggest contribution to track & field was the invention and marketing of the first commercially sold elastic jumping crossbar for the pole vault and high jump.  At the time only metal and fiberglass bars were sold for public use.  Lance solicited all the Track & Field suppliers to sell his “ JUMPIT Elastic Crossbar”. No major school distribution company would take the risk to handle his new product, so Lance made up and mailed out 15,000 fliers to high schools and colleges across the country advertising his invention.  The results were the sale of 5,000 units that year.  Soon, it would be carried by every national track & field supplier in the USA and used by every high school and college in the country.  Due to this invention, schools across the country have saved countless thousands of dollars in broken bars, and reduced the number of injuries from landing on those hard crossbars in practice and meets.


In California, Lance worked as a business consultant for various businesses dealing with everything from start-up issues, market analysis and implementations well as corporate team training for  management personnel.  Among his contribution to various  (athletic related) fund raising events, the most notable position was his two-year tenure as the Vice-Chairman of Special Events, for Tennis, for the 1984 Olympic Games, which was being re-introduced into the Olympic Games.  Lance’s duties included increasing community awareness of tennis, which he did, through the organization of two hugely-successful celebrity tennis tournaments.  Among his varied duties, Lance helped raise money ( over 2M $$$) through corporate sponsors and recruited A-list celebrity players and recruited partner players for $$$.


Lance has always striven for excellence and set his goals high. Even as a youth, his high goals and persistence earned him  the distinguished rank of Eagle Scout (BSA)  with seven levels (palms) beyond that level.  It took him several years to achieve, but Lance worked his way up to Distinguished Expert, the National Rifle Associations highest level for shooting proficiency in both trap  & .22 caliber small bore rifle. Lance also excelled in sports in wrestling and Track and Field.


Lance is very passionate about Track & Field and his passion for the sport of Track & Field will help to propel the FUTURE of the World TEAM Track & Field Athletics.   This Professional Sports League will launch a new chapter in ATHLETICS competitions in North America at first and then eventually Worldwide.  Lance started working on this NEW CONCEPT venture in late 2005 and went to his friend Steve Miller with his idea which he liked even back then.  Now it’s better….



Chris Pierson has participated in Track & Field throughout his High School and Collegiate life.  In high school Chris jumped 6’6” and in college he jumped 6’10”.


He went to Brigham Young University and graduated with a degree of Recreation Administration as well as in Youth Leadership.  This has lead him into a career for over 15 years of training corporations in Leadership Development and corporate TEAM Building seminars.

He currently is the owner/operator of Reading Construction Co and Real Estate Development Corp.

In 1995, Chris left the recreation and family entertainment businesses to hone his skills in the computer industry.  Chris’s tech experience goes all the way back to the 1980’s and he has a strong database background in the development field.  He headed up the design, development, and maintenance for Armstrong Worldwide Industries’ database for tracking their electronic asset management.  Chris has also gained valuable experience in web and database development and design in the last couple of decades.

Chris’s business experience is vast and wide and some ventures range as the Owner of Creative Kids Discovery School, Co-Owner of Binding Family Heritage (a web based publishing company), Co-Owner of Core Leadership Training LLC, to help mentor and coach other business owners, executives and entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams… and Co-Owner of Drone Buzzings LLC and Buzz By Drones LLC, which Chris and Lance have put on hold for now while they both work on reviving the work they started 10 years ago when they worked on the launch of  the WORLD ATHLETICS LEAGUE Professional Sports.


For over 15 years Chris has been active in supporting youth development and leadership as a coach for his local High School track team, and as a Boy Scout of America troop adult leader.  Chris, for the last decade plus,  has helped Lance with his Fiberbenders Pole Vault Camps and clinics plus personal private training sessions with aspiring young pole vaulters.


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