Things you should know about this proof of concept meet


  • It is free to the athletes and spectators alike.
  • It is known and approved by the state PIAA and the National USATF Association.
  • This is a co-ed relay style competition.
    • 1 male/ 1 female pairing.
    • 2 pairings per team for each event.
  • It is a head-to-head TEAM competition.
  • It uses a new unique scoring system that is easily understood and very exciting.
    • Everyone on the team is scored.
    • X-Country style scoring (lowest score wins).

Benefits for signing up and participating


  • National exposure and recognition.
  • Future opportunities in T&F.
  • The good feeling of being part of something that could change the future of TEAM track and field.
  • Chance encounters with former OLYMPIANS.

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